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Glamour model photographer London

Book Glamour model photographer london Glamour Model Photographer London, Fine art photography, UK glamour, Lingerie, Nude photography by Teo Totev. Available nationally & internationally. You can see below results which I have achieved in single photosession with one model. It is important to be master of lighting to be able to show beautiful body shapes.…

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Photography Links and Directories UK | London

Photography Links Photography Links for London, UK and targeted at local directory services and useful websites for photographers. Photo created by Teo Totev with: Camera: Nikon D100 Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 London Directory – Largest directory of London websites on the Internet List of photographers in London –  Photography directory dedicated only for photographers and their websites…

Phase One DF

Phase One Cameras and Digital Backs

Phase One Phase One is a Danish company manufacturing high-end digital photography equipment and image processing software. Its main products are medium format camera systems and solutions based on it. Phase one is producing their own RAW processing and workflow software called Capture One. It is providing support for RAWs of many DSLRs and Phase One and Leaf digital backs. Currently, it is not…