Bridal Portraits by London Wedding Photographer Teo Totev

Few selected bridal portraits from my wedding photography work from last year in London.

Reading Wedding Photographer Large

If you are looking for best Bridal Portraits in London look no further.

Master Wedding Photographer London Large

Brides love the magic photos so do I. In those who invest in quality photographer and allow enough time for photo session, results are always gorgeous.

Bridal Portrait Large

Simple and elegant, beautiful dress, right pose and right lighting by Photographer. Book simply the best wedding photography in London!

Art Wedding Photographer Large

Using classical building as background always give good results.

London Art Photographer

Studio bride photo session for out of this world sharpness. By Artisan Wedding photographer Teo Totev.

Studio Bridal Portrait

Bride studio portraits allow for extra creativity and photos which you will be proud of for whole your life.

Wedding Makeup

Bride makeup photos as part of wedding day photo shoot.

Bride Hair
Best Wedding Photography
Romantic Wedding Photography

Heart as shape of love sit beatiful between bride and groom.

wedding photography surrey Large

Final adjustments of wedding dress

wedding photography london Large

Bride checking her dress in mirror. Wedding Photography in Surrey.

wedding photographers london Large

Happiness of how good looking is wedding dress.

wedding photographer surrey Large

Bride blue eyes perfectly match overall look here.

wedding photographer in london Large

Happy young princess. By wedding photographer Teo Totev, accepting appointments for Surrey and Oxfordshire.

surrey wedding photographer

Photo by Wedding photographer Teo Totev shooting in London, Surrey and Oxfordshire.

london wedding photography Large

Mirror, mirror.. show me the most beautiful bride in the world.

London Wedding Photographer Large

Bride plume contribute to gorgeous look here

Teo Totev is member of Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

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