Phase One Company is famous manufacturer of medium format photographic cameras, lenses and cameras. Used by some of world’s leading photographers.

Phase One DF

Phase One DF

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Destination Wedding Photographer

Teo Totev Destination Wedding Photographer Don’t take a gamble on the only thing left apart from your dress from your precious wedding day and look for only outstanding photography.Book the best fine art wedding photographer that your budget will allow you to.  Invest in memorable photos that last a lifetime! I have huge enthusiasm for wedding photography…

Phase One DF

Phase One Cameras

Phase One Phase One is a Danish company manufacturing high-end digital photography equipment and image processing software. Its main products are medium format camera systems and solutions based on it. Phase one is producing their own RAW processing and workflow software called Capture One. It is providing support for RAWs of many DSLRs and Phase One and Leaf digital backs. Currently, it is not…

Leaf Valeo

Mamiya Leaf

Leaf History, Leaf Credo and Leaf Aptus Mamiya Leaf is camera company which was previously a division of Scitex, then it became part of Kodak, and currently Mamiya Leaf is a subsidiary of Phase One. Leaf main business is manufacturing of  high-end digital backs for medium format and large format cameras. Leaf introduced the first medium format digital camera…