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Phase One DF

Phase One Cameras

Phase One Phase One is a Danish company manufacturing high-end digital photography equipment and image processing software. Its main products are medium format camera systems and solutions based on it. Phase one is producing their own RAW processing and workflow software called Capture One. It is providing support for RAWs of many DSLRs and Phase One and Leaf digital backs. Currently, it is not…

Leaf Aptus 75

Leaf Aptus

Leaf Aptus and Aptus II Digital Backs Leaf Digital Backs specifications including Leaf Aptus, Leaf Aptus II, Leaf Credo, Leaf Valeo and all digital backs specifications: Camera Mounts Leaf Digital backs have specific mount fitting one of following camera systems: It is not easily possible to convert the mount of a digital back for a…

Leaf Credo Digital Back

Leaf Credo

Leaf Credo Leaf Credo are Leaf latest generation of digital camera backs and are also first new backs after Phase One purchased Leaf and which are not based on previous models. Biggest changes are that the backs doesn’t use active cooling /fan/ but used passive cooling /Peltier element/. Leaf Credo digital backs also have better high-resolution…